Shield Your Teeth from Erosion

Girl drinking orange juice with a straw

If you do drink something acidic, using a straw can help protect your enamel from breaking down.

Have you ever thought about the surface of your teeth wearing away?

The breakdown of your teeth has three main causes: tooth erosion, attrition and abrasion. Tooth erosion is caused by acid, which compromises tooth structure. Your teeth may also be harmed by attrition when teeth are worn down from biting or chewing, and abrasion, which results from brushing your teeth too vigorously.

Acids are commonly found in many of today’s favorite beverages. Pure fruit juice and any carbonated drink, even if it’s a diet version, have a high concentration of acid. Choosing these drinks over non-acidic alternatives, like milk or water, can be one of the primary causes of tooth wear.

So, how do you know if tooth wear might be a problem for you? Watch for these symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Cracks and dents in the tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Yellowing  teeth or transparent edges of teeth

What Can You Do to Prevent Erosion?

The wearing down of teeth is a common cause of tooth pain but is preventable with a few easy tips.

  1. Avoid acidic drinks. These can have a significant effect on your teeth. Keep your intake of carbonated drinks and juices to a minimum and try drinking them with a straw to lessen the drink’s contact with your teeth.
  2. Chew sugar-free gum. How can this help? The calcium that naturally occurs in saliva can combat acidic foods and beverages. Chewing gum increases your salivary flow, thus helping to rid your mouth of the acidic material before it harms your teeth.
  3. Brush your teeth. Gently brushing with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste after meals will help protect your teeth from becoming worn down as well as protecting them from countless other dental problems that could crop up in the future.
  4. Regular checkups. Take a proactive approach to your oral health and visit us regularly to have your teeth cleaned and examined.

Daily Brushing for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

woman smiling

We can help you find the best option for keeping your teeth their whitest!

A healthy, white smile shows the world you’re confident and self-assured. But, everyday living can cause our teeth to discolor and look dingy or yellow. Teeth can become less than gleaming white due to culprits such as coffee, tea, tobacco, blueberries, and even certain medications such as antibiotics. A popular way to keep your pearly whites gleaming is by using whitening toothpaste every day.

Common Teeth-whitening Ingredients

So what are those magical ingredients that can turn stained or darkened teeth into bright pearly whites? Modified silica abrasives or enzymes are used to help whiten teeth by physically removing surface stains. Specifically, baking soda and peroxide are common whitening agents that many brands of toothpaste contain.

Enamel Erosion Concerns

There is, however, a darker side to using a whitening toothpaste on a regular basis. Because many popular kinds of whitening toothpaste contain abrasives, you can experience enamel erosion. Why? Because abrasives can strip away tooth enamel causing thinning or erosion in the process. If enamel erodes, you may experience both teeth sensitivity and darkening of the teeth due to dentin showing through the thinned enamel. It’s important to note that not everyone will experience sensitivity.

You also might be tempted to brush your teeth too frequently with whitening toothpaste. To avoid enamel erosion problems, don’t brush your teeth too hard or for too long. Brushing for two minutes twice a day, along with flossing, can help keep your teeth healthy.

Professional Whitening

Peroxide is the active ingredient found in teeth whiteners. The main difference between over-the-counter whitening kits and whiteners used in dental practice is the concentration of the peroxide. Whiteners used in a professional setting can contain up to 25% more peroxide than an over-the-counter whitening kit. A special light is also used to accelerate the whitening process.

Give us a call to discuss a safe and effective way for you to get a beautiful, gleaming smile.